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SYNC is a flexible FREE tool for changing your entire outlook on life by discovering what it means to See Yourself iN Christ (SYNC). It does not matter whether you already see yourself as a "Christian" or not.


Choose one of four green Start buttons below


Which approach to SYNC suits you best?


If Jesus has already recruited you or if you would like to join him, choose Start button A, B, or C depending on your learning style: 

A. PERSONALIZED APPROACH. Choose “Start A” to dive straight into one particular theme of SYNC that you will select from a list as your top priority. Work at your own pace. Later explore any other themes of interest in any order. 

B. LEARN-BY-DOING APPROACH. Choose "Start B" to start using SYNC at the current date in the annual cycle of SYNC seasons. You acquire the bigger picture of SYNC gradually as you go along in the cycle, doing the SYNC exercises that you select.

C. STRUCTURED, ANALYTICAL APPROACH (OLD SCHOOL). Choose “Start C” to get the big picture of SYNC, then move into the first of SYNC's seven themes and explore them in order.



D. If you're JUST LOOKING, just curious about God, his campaign, and SYNC but not thinking of being recruited yet, choose “Start D”.

DISCLAIMER: We are not the owners, managers, or gatekeepers for God's public awareness campaign. Jesus Christ himself is in charge of the campaign, and you sign up with him not with SYNC as an organization. SYNC is only an on-ramp to a road of discovery.

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