See Yourself iN Christ  

SYNC is your chance to get a fresh take on who you are, what you are part of, what you are worth, and what your purpose is.

SYNC is one tiny component of God's ancient and ongoing campaign to save the world from itself. We encourage experimental involvement in God's campaign agenda and strategy.


We call it experimental because we can't tell you exactly what shape it will take in your case. You may explore and discover that for yourself with various free SYNC tools. There are seven tool kits which rotate through the year as shown in the dropdown menu for this page.

You don't need to pay, register, or subscribe to anything to get access to these tools. All you need to do is open up to Jesus and the Bible to help you make more of the difference you want to make in the world.

Much of the world is still clueless about the whole thing--"What God? What campaign?" SYNC may help you creatively clue them in, and the world's pain will drop as you do. 

If SYNC helps you get more involved with God's campaign, great! If it doesn't, move on to whatever else God has in mind for you. Be blessed!

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