Think purpose!

Note: this is not a specific activity like most of the other SYNC exercises. It is a mental exercise. Get your mind around these three points as the basis for any other SYNC exercises you will do.

If you are in SYNC with Christ, his purpose is your purpose. What is his purpose? To SYNC heaven and earth.

Fortunately, he has not assigned you to re-SYNC the whole world, but he has given you three assignments as you carry out his purpose wherever he places you:

  1. get in SYNC with Christ yourself

  2. connect with other people who are SYNCing with him

  3. have a positive impact in your own little world

Each SYNC season emphasizes a different aspect of our purpose in Christ. In Life Season, January 1 - February 13, we think of how to celebrate, share, enrich, and protect Life.  

This gives us a reason to get up in the morning and a hope for making a difference in the world. Christ orchestrates things so that our little bit works together with everything else he is doing.

That also takes the pressure off us. We are not trying to have maximum positive impact so we can impress God with how much we did. That proud idea makes us pushy and gets us out of SYNC with Christ quickly.


We take the opposite approach. We rely on Christ to cause the impact, to weave the thread of our life somehow into his exquisite eternal tapestry.

Connect with others

Jesus gives orders, and what he says goes. To trust him means to trust his orders and do whatever work he assigns us, even if it is hard and we can't see how it is going to achieve much for his purpose. 

Every time we say, "SYNC me" to Jesus, we are recognizing that he is in charge and we are not. This is crucial.

Jesus the Messiah meets lots of our needs, but there is one nearly universal human need that Jesus shows no interest in meeting at all--our need to be in control. He does not need our help in controlling things, willing as we are to give it.

He does invite us to make requests, but always "in his name," that is, "in SYNC with him and his purpose". We may not ask him to SYNC with us for our purpose. That implies that he is the one who is out of SYNC!

Very few things unify people as much as a shared purpose. And we share the best purpose ever, the purpose of Christ himself.

The many splits and conflicts among various parts of the global Church show that the Church is out of SYNC with Christ. Of course, we always claim that our part of the Church is in SYNC. It's the other parts that are out of SYNC and need to change.

One of the purposes of SYNC is to provide a new way of talking about Christ's purpose, a way we can share. This new way should do more to heal old wounds than to reopen them. 

Of course, SYNC is not a magic wand, but when we look at SYNC's themes and at "The Rescuer" story as a fresh summary of the good news, we may find some common ground we did not realize we had. We can build on that and let Christ draw us together for his purpose.

Make positive impact
Get in SYNC
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