Overview of Roots Season


Getting into the spirit of the season

How many times last week did you consciously appreciate the security and the purpose you have because God has given you roots in Abraham? How many times did that influence your mood or your choices?
The more you get into the spirit of Roots Season, the more that will happen. You will SYNC with the blessing plan and strategy God had in mind when he made those promises to Abraham. You will know who you are, and you will like who you are--part of the fulfillment of God's ancient promise to bless the world.
In 2018, Roots Season is February 14 - March 24, from Ash Wednesday through the day before Palm Sunday. Here are some basics. Don't get lost in the details. Read a little. SYNC a lot.


Your goal during Roots Season

Becoming better rooted in Abraham and more grateful for the identity, security, and purpose those roots give you. Being part of God's blessing for everyone around you. 

How do you do that?

Repeat the two following things often (both are on the Roots Season meme )

1. The Roots Declaration

This is an Abraham day, and we have roots.    
As a person in SYNC with Jesus, you are authorized to declare this, so use your authority. Shape your world. Make your day.

2. The Roots Prayer that SYNCs us with the Declaration

Make us fulfillments of your ancient plan. Let us bless, let us bless, let us bless. 

Why do these tools work?

Because the King is listening. He loves to hear that faith declaration, and he loves to answer that prayer, which is one way we say, "SYNC me!"

The big idea behind it all is that God meant to unite all the peoples of the world by choosing one people to bless all the others. Jesus Christ was a member of that people, and he is the key to global unity and blessing. In SYNC with him, we get grafted into the tree that came from those roots.

Roots visuals

The symbolic color for Roots Season is earth brown. The  Roots Meme  shows a huge tree rooted in the earth, which is also shown in the  Roots Icon.  Abraham is our root; God's promises to Abraham are like the earth that anchors the root.   

Bible use

Key Roots Season story 

The seventh trumpet announces the reign of the King and the destruction of those who destroy the earth (Rev. 11:15-19)


Key Roots Season phrase in the Lord's Prayer  

"Our Father." The "father" of the People of God is not really Abraham but God. He is the father of all the spiritual descendants of Abraham. He gives them life by his Spirit.  


Key Roots Season verse in the New Testament

"The Messiah has made things up between us so that we’re now together on this, both non-Jewish outsiders and Jewish insiders. He tore down the wall we used to keep each other at a distance." Eph 2.14, The Message


Key Roots Season verse in the Old Testament 

"Through you [Abraham] all families of the earth will be blessed." Gen. 12.3


New Testament readings



Old Testament readings 


1 & 2 Chronicles

The God-thing

Like all the other SYNC seasons, Roots Season links you, your world, and your day today back to something huge God has done.

To "SYNC" with that God-thing means to align yourself with God's intentions when he did it. In this case the God-thing is God's promise to create a whole nation through Abraham and to bless the whole world through it.

Roots Season celebrates that fantastic fact. We know who we are. We know why we are here. We have roots no one can take away. We have a purpose we need never doubt. And we only have one assignment--to bless the world.

This means we are for everyone and against no one. God wants them all blessed so we bless them all, even those who least deserve it. That's our job. We are agents of God's blessing.

As the People of God, we do not have to band together to conquer anything, impose anything, or govern anything. We have no assignment for any of that, only for blessing.


This is not a problem. We do not have to be in charge in order to bless people. In fact, being in charge can get in the way sometimes. We just bless and trust God for the outcome, even if things look pretty bad for us in the short term.

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