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The meme is a summary of the whole point of  Freedom Season --living with the freedom of a person who realizes how the resurrection of Jesus changes life for us today. The resurrection means he is who he said he is, he is on a mission to free the world, and nothing can stop him now. 
The goal of Freedom Season, March 25 - May 9, is to get this meme on your mind and watch what God does then.

Meme = Declaration + Prayer + Image

Without adding any time or pressure to your schedule, the meme affects how you See Yourself iN Christ. Very easy to share or to show and talk about if you make it a screen saver.

The Freedom Declaration (below) tells us who we are because of the resurrection of Jesus. The Freedom Prayer invites God to empower us for our part in the mission of everyone who shares the freedom that Jesus Christ won for us. The Freedom Image helps us remember both.

The Freedom Declaration

The "Freedom Declaration" is, "This is a resurrection day, and we are free." 


The Freedom Declaration is based on Jesus' own declaration that the freedom era was dawning. All human oppression would stop because God himself would take power, and all citizens of God's kingdom would be free. (Lk. 4.18-19)


The authorities executed Jesus to prove his proclamation was meaningless because he had no right to make any such proclamation. God vindicated Jesus when he raised him from the dead. In other words, Jesus' proclamation of freedom was true, Jesus is alive, and Jesus is the new King of a kingdom of freed people.


Jesus has been to death and back. That sets us free from the fear of death and from the control of people who threaten us with death or other harm. We have a mission--to spread his proclamation of the freedom era and invite people into his kingdom. Life doesn't get any more significant than that.

The Freedom Prayer

The "Freedom Prayer" is, "Make us a drum declaring freedom is here. Let it beat, let it beat, let it beat." 


The Freedom Prayer SYNCs us with God's intentions when raised Jesus from the grave. We have a share in the work Jesus launched, proclaiming freedom because God wanted the world to be free.


God did not want Jesus to be silenced or his followers to be left to do the best they could to spread his teaching. No way! He wanted Jesus to be alive and accompanying his followers as they keep beating the drum of freedom.

God valued human freedom so much that he even allowed Jesus' enemies to be free. The risen Jesus did not walk back into their court and ask, "Can you hear me now?" That would have been ramming his truth down their throats, and that is not freedom.

Instead he appeared only to those who believed he was the real and rightful King, and he sent them to tell the world what they had seen with their own eyes. And we are passing on their eyewitness reports, confirmed by Jesus' presence and power through his Holy Spirit (more about that in Power Season).

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The Freedom Image

The Freedom Image (top of page) shows an ancient tomb like the one where Jesus was buried. The stone is rolled away, and the tomb stands open. 

"You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid him.” Mk. 16.6

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