Daily question(s)

Planning your day and/or reflecting on it

Your goal in SYNC is more Star-gazing (watching Jesus, our "star" and hero) than it is navel-gazing ("How am I doing? How am I doing?") So as you use these questions about yourself, keep this one basic rule in mind, no exceptions:
When SYNCing, always ask, "What has he said or done?" before you ask, "How am I doing?"
That keeps you rooted in him, and that keeps you positively motivated to improve. Your feelings are lifted by how great the music is, not depressed by how badly you danced in the last day or two.
Plan your day

Seeing Yourself iN Christ (SYNC-ing) is a day at a time process. Start your day with one or more of these questions, the spiritual equivalent of a strong cup of coffee. Or skip these and just look at the meme, thinking about its implications for your day.



Since I know that Jesus has sent heaven's power to earth through the Holy Spirit, how can I show my gratitude? How can I live under the powerful influence of Jesus' Spirit and show that Jesus is continuing his mission through me?



  • What does the coming day look like if I have Pentecost Day on my mind? 

(Everything looks different when you See Yourself iN Christ because of the Holy Spirit's arrival) ​

  • What opportunities may I have today to be a signal that the Spirit's power is at work?

(Be alert for these chances. There are a lot of people around you who lack the power that the Holy Spirit could give them.)​

  • Am I as concerned about using the Spirit's power for the good of others as I am about using it for myself and my family or group?

(If I love my neighbor like I love myself, the two concerns will be as strong as each other.) 


What SYNC exercises and/or other things will I build into my day so I live it with all the power God intended for me when he sent the Holy Spirit down on Pentecost Day?


Reflect on your day

Seeing Yourself iN Christ (SYNC-ing) is a day at a time process. End your day with one or more of these questions, or just look back at  the meme  and ask yourself how well it describes your day.



When did I sense or use the power that comes from knowing Jesus put his Spirit in me so others would know he is still alive and at work? Any regrets about my day?


  • What did I do to make sure this whole day did not go by without thanking God even once for the gift of the Holy Spirit? 

(Thank God for whatever reminders worked)

  • ​Where did I experience the deep satisfaction of my identity in Christ today? How did that equip me to handle what my day included? 

(Praise God for opening the path to freedom.)​

  • Did I hear anyone mention the Holy Spirit or our power in Christ today? Did I mention those things to anyone else?       

(God gets overlooked at lot. You can help fix that. Speak up and give credit where credit is due.) 


  • ​On a scale of 10, how alert was I for opportunities to bless someone today by using the Spirit's power for their good? Which opportunities did I seize? Can I recall any I missed or think of one for tomorrow?     

(Repent of missed chances, and turn your attention back to God's intentions when he sent the Spirit.)


  • Did I say or do anything selfish, proud, or abusive with the Spirit's power today? 

(If so, you are out of SYNC. You are trying to use the Spirit for what you want instead of making yourself available for what the Spirit wants. Repent and remember why Jesus sent the Spirit in the first place--so we would point people to him.)


How much of God's power did I bring into the world by living today the way I did?

(The more we bring, the more we show that heaven's transforming power is coming to earth, just as Jesus said it is; Mk. 1.15. We really are what we prayed God would make us--a signal of the Spirit's power.)



This is a Pentecost night, and we will rest, knowing the Dove is guarding us.



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