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The  "Create" page  may help get your creative juices to flow. Many of the suggestions there apply to written materials as well as audio visuals. One specific idea for a creative project is below.

Adapting "The Rescuer"


Spend some time with  "Having What it Takes" (version 6 of "The Rescuer")  and create your own version of it. Put it into your own words so it feels natural when you tell it. Change a sentence or an idea here and there to make the story emphasize the points your particular hearers will most need to hear.


Take something out. Put something in. Make the story twice as long or half as long. You have a Bible, and "The Rescuer" is a summary of the story of the Bible. Don't worry about sticking to any "official SYNC version" of the story. None of our seven versions are the "final" or "real" summary.


Our versions may be useful sometimes in their current form, but we are betting you can make them more useful for the people you know if you let the Rescuer himself guide you by his Spirit. How does he want you to tell his story? 


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