Be a blessing agent


SYNC is not rocket science.
  • God's ancient plan was to unite and bless the world.
  • Jesus' aim was and is to unite and bless the world.
  • Your aim is to be an agent of Jesus to unite and bless the world.
In other words, you are in SYNC with the plan, moving with the rhythm.
Spoiler alert:  As you SYNC (See Yourself iN Christ), you will increasingly see yourself as an agent, not a consumer. As long as you are focusing on everything Christ will do for you, you are still thinking like a consumer, "What's in this for me?"
That question is out of SYNC with the plan. Agents don't ask that. Agents, representatives, ambassadors ask, "What am I authorized and empowered to do? What is my role, and what is my next step?" 
Three tricks of the trade for agents of God's blessing

1. SYNC with Christ enough that you are overflowing with goodness

Get Christ on your mind by  Listening for his rhythm.  Then when you do an act of blessing or say a word of blessing it will be authentic, not forced or engineered. It will come from who you are. Don't try harder to be good, kind, or whatever. Just mean it when you say,  "SYNC me,"  and watch goodness and kindness start bubbling up mysteriously in you. Christ himself is the source, and he puts his nature into you by sending his Holy Spirit into you.


2. Sense God's timing

Don't broadcast your thoughts and try to bless everybody in sight with them. Listen to people. Watch sensitively. Wait for God's nudge to say or do something that will bless them. You probably have felt these nudges already but may not have realized that God is behind them. 

3. Don't impress yourself or try to impress God

If your status as an agent of blessing starts going to your head, you are slipping out of SYNC. Reality check: as agents of Jesus, we are the water bottles not the water. The man rescued in the desert never says, "That was a really impressive bottle the water came in!" We are just glad we were given water to carry and included in the search party Jesus sent out.

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