Jesus is the creative genius who created the world in the first place, and he has not run out of ideas yet. In SYNC with him, your creativity will be on steroids.
Authentic creativity will arise from what you hear as you are  listening for the rhythm of God.  What does the Spirit of Christ put into your mind, what do you feel, what do you do about it? What creative expression flows out of you?
Think of the people you are creating for. What connections do you see between God's rhythm and their needs? Is he inspiring you to create something that will connect them to him?

Since SYNC is all about "moving with the rhythm of the story of the world," it makes sense that a lot of it would be expressed in songs and dances.


Sources of inspiration for composition, artwork, etc.


  • The meme with its declaration and its prayer 

  • The key story of the season 

  • The key verse for the season 

  • The daily or weekly SYNC Bible reading schedule


Song-writing for specific usages

  • A family to sing together at mealtime 

  • A lullaby to sing a child to sleep

  • A worship song for a congregation

  • A song for youth to perform for their friends

  • A dance to use at a festival

  • A dance for children to do with their friends on the playground

  • A song/dance/procession for a choir

  • A song to sing while leaving a church service, focused on its mission for the week

Can't compose a tune?

Borrow one. Put your own words to a familiar tune that has the mood you want. This may be a worship song, a pop tune, a classic, etc. If your words don't connect with other people, enjoy singing them in the shower or in the car by yourself. Worship can be idiosyncratic sometimes. 

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