Too complicated?


Don't despair! You don't have to figure out all the game-changers before you can benefit from SYNC. There are several shortcuts built in. These are individual bits and pieces of SYNC that can work well for you as stand-alone activities.

For example, you can draw inspiration from the  meme for Mercy Season  as a stand-alone meme even if you have no idea what rhythm or game-changing events it relates to. You can read  the story, "Unforgivable"  by itself (2 minutes) and it will make sense to you even if you don't know anything about other facets of SYNC.

If you prefer to see the big picture before you start using something, go ahead and look at  the pattern of icons, seasons, etc.  but if that isn't you, don't go there. Just start with  the mem e   or  the story  and let it start working for you.


If you want to go a little deeper, use the pulldown menu under the "How to SYNC" tab instead of the "What SYNC is" tab. That way you will miss most of the things that were looking complicated, but you should still get where you want to go.

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