Why your blessings have power

As you bless people with all seven blessings in  the SYNC annual cycle,  you build their security and significance. Each seasonal declaration is actually a blessing because each one breaks the power of some common cultural beliefs that make us insecure and insignificant. 
Below is a sample of how this works during Mercy Season.
Caution: Don't get lost in the details. This is not an exam. It's a route to a very satisfying life!

How Mercy Season blessings show that heaven's power is working on earth

The Mercy Declaration, which you use as a blessing

This is a Day of Atonement, and we have mercy.

What it means

When we declare that today is a Day of Atonement, we SYNC with Christ's intentions when he presented his own blood in the heavenly Temple as the perfect atonement for our sins. He did this as our "High Priest," just like the Jewish high priest used to present the blood of special animal sacrifices once a year on the Day of Atonement. Now that Christ's sacrifice is complete, we "have mercy" in two senses. First, we receive mercy. Then we "have mercy" on others. 

How it brings security and significance 

Our security is total since Christ totally sealed it with his sacrifice. No one can undo what he did. Our significance is that we forgive others, breaking sin’s power to reproduce itself.

Responses in our character  Mercy and graciousness. Our natural inclination is to make people pay when they wrong us, to force them to submit to our demand for compensation. In Christ we learn to trust mercy instead of force. Mercy can bring transformation and healing. Force can't. We have to receive mercy and be transformed by that experience. 


The sneaky cultural assumption that the Mercy Declaration exposes

What’s wrong with the world is a few bad people and groups, and we ought to shame, punish, and oppose them.


Truth in the assumption

Like apples, a very few bad people can spoil a lot of things for everybody.


God’s corrections to the assumption

The real problem is the badness in us “good” people. When we see that and accept Christ's mercy, we are changed and we start showing mercy to the “bad” people. That’s how evil loses control of the world. Mercy makes evil sterile, unable to reproduce.

The philosophical lie God exposes

If you show mercy and forgive, you are giving bad people a license to do the same thing over and over. You are allowing evil to multiply. If you don’t stand up for yourself, you will get trampled.


The insecurity and suffering the lie brings if not exposed

​Resentment, bitterness, revenge, psychoses, withdrawal

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