Daily question(s)

Planning your day and/or reflecting on it

Your goal in SYNC is more Star-gazing (watching Jesus, our "star" and hero) than it is navel-gazing ("How am I doing? How am I doing?") So as you use these questions about yourself, keep this one basic rule in mind, no exceptions:
When SYNCing, always ask, "What has he said or done?" before you ask, "How am I doing?"
That keeps you rooted in him, and that keeps you positively motivated to improve. Your feelings are lifted by how great the music is, not depressed by how badly you danced in the last day or two.
Plan your day

Seeing Yourself iN Christ (SYNC-ing) is a day at a time process. Start your day with one or more of these questions, the spiritual equivalent of a strong cup of coffee. Or skip these and just look at  the meme , thinking about its implications for your day.


MAIN QUESTIONS (included on  the Grit Poster )


  • How do I show Jesus how glad I am that he keeps me going as I carry my cross?

  • What opportunities do I have to encourage others who may be tempted to quit today?



  • What is my "cross" to carry? What makes me feel like quitting instead of following Jesus?

  • When I am struck by the total commitment and courage of Jesus carrying his cross, how does that affect the way I see the day ahead of me?  

(Everything looks different when you See Yourself iN Christ, carrying your cross like he carried his.) ​​​

  • Is anyone around me in danger of quitting their God-given mission in life because it is just too hard? How can I come alongside them? 

  • The more we focus on Christ's courage, the more grit we have as we follow his example. May God give you everything you need to get through this day.



What SYNC activities and/or other actions, readings, habits, etc. will I build into my day so I make sure I keep going the whole day with my assignment in Christ's mission?


Reflect on your day

Seeing Yourself iN Christ (SYNC-ing) is a day at a time process. End your day with one or more of these questions, or just look back at  the meme  and ask yourself how well it describes your day.

MAIN QUESTIONS (included on  the Grit Poster )


  • How did God keep me from giving up today? 

  • When did a Scripture about endurance come to mind? 

  • Any regrets? Any chicken-hearted actions?


  • What self-reminders did I use to make sure this whole day did not go by without thanking Jesus even once for the inner strength his Spirit keeps giving me? 

(Thank God for whatever reminders worked)

  • ​Was there any situation where the thought of Christ's courage and grit kept me from taking the easy way out? ​

  • Did I hear anyone mention Christ's heroic commitment today? Did I mention it to anyone else?   

(God gets overlooked at lot. You can help fix that. Speak up and give credit where credit is due.) 


  • ​Did I run into any people today who really need God's encouragement and strength? Will I see those people again tomorrow?     

(Repent of missed chances, and take another look at Christ's intentions when he showed us how to carry a cross.)​


How much of Christ's courage and grit did I show by living today the way I did?

(The more we endure the unendurable, the more we show that heaven's transforming power is coming to earth, just as Jesus said it is; Mk. 1.15. God is seeing us through, just like we prayed he would.)



This is a Night for Grit, and we will rest, knowing that Jesus will give us all the courage and toughness we need for whatever we have to face tomorrow.



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