The sacrifice on the altar reminds us that Jesus has made the final sacrifice for all our sin, and the world can never be the same again. Our huge debt of sin is paid off in full, leaving us with only a debt of gratitude for his mercy.

The  meme for Mercy Season  expands the same idea as the icon.

The  poster for Mercy Season  takes it a little further.

The man carrying the beam reminds us of Jesus carrying his cross as a condemned man, knowing that no one would rescue him from execution.
Is this how life ends for a person who carries out his God-given assignment on earth without a single mistake? All this unfair rejection, abuse from enemies, abandonment by friends, torture, and execution?
Jesus saw it all coming. He prayed through it with great agony the night before, but his prayer ended with, "Not my will but yours be done." (Lk. 22.42) That is what we mean by the basic prayer,  "SYNC me!"  We kiss our comfort zone goodbye and sign up to carry whatever cross comes to us as we do what God assigns us to do.

The  meme for Grit Season  expands the same idea as the icon.

The  poster for Grit Season  takes it a little further.

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