The goal of  Grit Season,  September 19 - November 24, is to get this meme on your mind and watch what God does then. 


The meme helps you change the way you see yourself and your world. Your comfort zone will mean a lot less to you, and your God-given mission will mean a lot more. You can sacrifice for your mission, even die for it. Jesus did.

Meme = Declaration + Prayer + Image

The meme is a summary of the whole point of Grit Season. The tricky part is that both the Grit Declaration and the Grit Prayer in the meme are profoundly simple (see below). They make sense even to a child, and yet the great minds of the world will never really exhaust them. They never get old. They keep getting you ready for the next challenge. Try them and see.

The Grit Declaration

The "Grit Declaration" is,  "This is a day to carry our cross, and we keep going." 

It is very risky to ask Christ to SYNC your life with his plan for the world. The risk is that his plan may (probably will) involve some serious pain you would rather avoid. People who don't like his plan won't like you when you SYNC with it.


The Grit Declaration prepares you to face that risk every day. This is not a wishful pretense, like "whistling a happy tune" in a dangerous situation. It is a way of SYNCing your day with the courage and grit that Christ showed in the Garden of Gethsemane just before his torture and execution. 

As Jesus saw the agony coming, he told the Father, "Not my will, but yours be done" (Lk. 22.42) That's what we SYNC with in the Grit Declaration. We sign off on God's plan, regardless of the pain level involved.

When we start the day like that, pain will not catch us off guard when it comes. Jesus saw it coming, and he told us to be ready for it too. (Jn. 15.20)

The Grit Declaration is not a boast about our toughness or bravery. We are not naturally brave people. We got our courage as a gift of the Spirit of Christ, who operates even at the subconscious level of our fears. We can't explain what is going on that deep inside, but we know courage is there and growing.

The Grit Prayer

 The "Grit Prayer" is, "Give us endurance as we carry our cross. See us through, prove us true just like you." 

The Grit Prayer doubles down on the commitment in the Grit Declaration. It makes sure you are in SYNC with Christ's world-changing intentions when he said, "Not my will, but yours be done." (Lk. 22.42)

The Declaration sets the grit rhythm. In the Prayer, you start to dance to that beat.

The Prayer is a way of saying, "Yes, please. I want to move with that Declaration. I want to show my respect and my appreciation for the Drummer and his music." 

This prayer echoes the prayer of Jesus' early followers after they were jailed, warned, and released. "And now, Lord, pay attention to their threats, and grant to your servants to speak your message with great courage . . ." (Acts 4.29 NET)

The Grit Icon and Meme

The man carrying the beam reminds us of Jesus carrying his cross. 

The meme image (top of page) shows the risk we accept if we SYNC with Christ. We "take up our cross" (Lk. 9.23), that is, we sign away our rights to control and comfort.


We are on a risky mission. If we get despised, injured or even killed in the process, we refuse to back off from the mission. That is grit. We put our own welfare at risk because we believe so deeply in something that is a lot bigger than we are.

Jesus did it. He puts his Spirit into us, giving us what it takes to do it like he did. And we keep going.

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