Weekly meetings

No rocket science here. Weekly meetings are all user-defined. A few options are given below if you don't already have in mind the kind of meeting you want.
Choose type of meeting
  1. With one or two friends, perhaps lunch or coffee

  2. With a small group (but not a "study" group)

  3. In a larger group scheduled as a "class" 


The aim of SYNC groups is SYNCing not "studying."

Even if your SYNC weekly meeting is a "class," make it a discussion class, and focus the discussion on "rhythm and response"--the rhythm God sets in the text and the way we respond when we hear that rhythm. 

If a teacher prepares an explanation to give to a class, the session usually ends up as a mental exercise and nobody does anything about it later. The group is thinking about understanding the text instead of responding to it.


Your group may opt to discuss the suggested chapter for the week, which is the chapter in bold print in  the Bible reading list .  But before you read this week's chapter, ask what people did about last week's chapter. If they did nothing, repeat that chapter instead of using the new one. Stick with a chapter until people are living in SYNC with it, or at least headed in that direction.

Agree on ground rules
  1. The aim is to SYNC with Christ, not to "study" or "learn" or "cover" something

  2. We believe we can SYNC better with a weekly meeting than without one

  3. We will listen together for the rhythm God wants us to SYNC with.

  4. We will discuss our past week and our next week in relationship to Christ

  5. One or more SYNC questions or activities will provide a loose guide for discussion

Build on whatever group members are using

Any SYNC activity that a discussion member is using may be reported and/or discussed at a weekly meeting. For example:​

  1. How are we using  the meme , if at all? When did we think of it last week? How will next week be different if we keep the meme in mind?

  2. What do we have to share from  the daily Bible readings , if we are using those?

  3. Did we greet anybody this week with the  "grit greeting" ? If so, who was it, and how did that feel?

  4. Did we discuss  "The Rescuer" story  ("Having What it Takes") with anybody this week? How did that opportunity come up? How did the discussion go?

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