Stan is in the capstone period of his life, dedicating this period to one of his core convictions: in our world there is a magnificent story going on, a story that gives value and hope to every person, family, and nation. Unfortunately most of the world is still clueless about that story and its amazing implications for them. 


Stan coaches people who are in on the story as they discover and develop new ways to draw others into it. He developed the SYNC site to give people a running start on “new ways to tell the old story” and to encourage them as they develop stories, songs, and other SYNC-related tools.

The "us" in "About us" means Stan and anyone who wants in on the discussion of what he is up to. We are in this together. Our aim is not to agree on a one-size-fits-all version of the magnificent story but to customize the story for vastly different places and situations. God designed the story and is writing the story to include everyone in every situation. May his will be done through this amazing story, which is always the same and never the same.