Amplify the rhythm


Making a wonderful difference in the world

After you have listened for the rhythm, started dancing to it, and applauded it, it is time to amplify it--pass it on so others can enjoy it too.

Lots of the world's pain is due to being out of SYNC, but people do not have to remain like that. Help the world hear the rhythm of what God has done, and watch healing happen as more people start dancing.

SYNCing means living in SYNC with what God intended when he did certain key things that make the world what it is today. He always intended this world to be full of blessing. As we SYNC with his intention, we become agents of his blessing, breaking the curse that has plagued humanity.

The world has spiritual cancer. You have the cure for it--SYNCing with Jesus Christ. Don't sit on the cure too long! Not everyone will believe it or like you for claiming you have it (especially if they are still in denial about having the disease), but still it is just wrong to keep quiet about the cure. 

A simple way to spread blessing is to forward or share things from this site and/or other things you discover or create as you do various SYNC activities. 

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