What are SYNC "seasons" and "rhythms"?
An annual cycle SYNCed with the story of the world

All SYNC's seasons and their corresponding rhythms are part of an annual cycle that goes through the story of our world from its beginning to its destined end. Each season/rhythm focuses on one theme that is especially obvious in one phase of that story.  

Each phase is marked by some huge event that changes the direction of the story from then on. For example, "Life" season starts on January 1st by celebrating the creation of the world. "Vision" season ends on December 31st looking forward to Christ's return, the end of the world as we know it.

The dates for the seasons change somewhat from year to year because some of the seasonal markers like Easter are based on a lunar calendar. That gets complicated, and so does the fact that some traditional holidays like Ash Wednesday are given new meanings.

You do not need to master all that in order to benefit from SYNC. Just use one season at a time. That is how the home page is set up, and it changes for you each time a SYNC season changes. The drop-down menu under HOME also allows you to check out any of the seasons at any time.

Or look here if you actually do want more details about the SYNC calendar of seasons.

Dates for 2022

Holidays shown are only those that fall on the first or last day of a rhythm season
Life Rhythm -- January 1 (New Year's Day) - March 1 (Mardi Gras/Carnival) 
Roots Rhythm -- March 2 (Ash Wednesday) - April 9
Freedom Rhythm -- April 10 (Palm Sunday) - May 25
Power Rhythm -- May 26 (Ascension Day) - August 6 (Feast of Transfiguration)
Mercy Rhythm -- August 7 - October 5 (Day of Atonement)
Honor Rhythm -- October 6 - November 19
Vision Rhythm -- November 20 (Feast of Christ the King) - December 31 (New Year's Eve)
More details about the meanings of particular holidays and SYNC rhythms

Jubilee Cards in the annual cycle

To use the cards in SYNC with this annual cycle instead of the 50-day cycle printed on the cards, choose the seven cards that have the icon for the season you want. Go through those cards, one per day, as many times as fit into the season.
For example, in 2022 the season for the Vision Rhythm is 41 days long. In that case, you go through the set of seven Vision cards 5 times (5 x 7 = 35) and use the first six cards again on the 36th-41st days.