Worship is applause for God. Much of it happens during "worship services" at churches. We go to church so the applause for God will be louder than it would be if we didn't go. And of course, there are many other ways and places to applaud. 

The SYNC annual cycle of seasons creates great opportunities for parties, and you will feel like partying as you realize what God is up to, how intricately he has put his plan together, and how he worked you into it.

If you enjoy creative arts at all, SYNC encourages you to go for it. Create your own forms of applause by writing poems, songs, or skits or designing your own posters, memes, or paintings. 

Applaud the drummer


So much to celebrate and appreciate!

Applauding Christ is a huge part of SYNCing. It is not just applause for things God did thousands of years ago, as important as those things are. The most natural and powerful triggers for applause and celebration are the new, amazing, liberating things God does in and through you today.


There is a very good reason for your urge to applaud. You were hard-wired ahead of time to SYNC with God's ancient rhythm, and when you do, it's like coming home. You are finally at peace with yourself when you See Yourself iN Christ. No wonder you feel like clapping.

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