Audio-visual offshoots


"I'd like to teach the world to SYNC . . ."

SYNC creates a golden opportunity globally for song-writers and choreographers to do what only they can do-- create new compositions  that are true to themselves and their cultures. These may be the most powerful means of SYNCing the world with the global plan that the Real GOD is unfolding for us.

Send SYNC a link to your video so we can post it where it may inspire others to produce similar things in their settings.

Sample creative item in Arabic and English

Yours does not have to be this sophisticated, but here is a two-person creation being prepared jointly by an English speaker and an Arabic speaker for some work they are doing that is loosely based on the SYNC annual cycle. This piece is for "Freedom Season" as they are celebrated it. The English is not a literal translation but a line by line parallel poem. They are seeking a composer who will add music in time for Freedom Season in 2019.

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