Some for you, some for the world

The benefits listed below--focus, purpose, security, and gratitude--work together to promote your physicial and psychological health. The healthier you get in Christ, the more grateful you become and the better it is for the world. The whole world suffers when people are out of SYNC, that is, unfocused, aimless, insecure, and selfish.

A Clear Focus

Life has a million distractions. All SYNC activities are part of the “rhythm of the story of the world,” and a rhythm is a pleasing aid to concentration. For example, the  Mercy Season meme  provides a simple clear focus, something you can return to all day long. The questions on the  Mercy Season poster  also bring focus at the start or end of your day. 

A Rich, Satisfying Purpose in Life

Sometimes people who follow Christ think of their purpose in religious terms, like getting more people to believe in Christ or getting ready for eternity. SYNC brings a very down-to-earth purpose for life, and  seven ways to look at it.  These perspectives integrate concern for the neighbor, the poor, and the earth with concern about the next world. It is wonderfully satisfying and unifying to realize that this purpose is shared by all God’s people, and the purpose is to bless not to conquer.


Ancient Anchors

Following Christ is often thought of as experiencing God's presence. Since experience fluctuates so much from person to person and from day to day, many followers get knocked around by things that happen to them. SYNC gives us anchors in things God has already done that no one can undo. These are not in doubt no matter what our feelings are on any particular day. SYNC helps us keep us steadily following Christ when the going gets rough. 

Lots of Gratitude

When asked what we are grateful for as followers of Christ, often we can only think of only one or two main things God has done, like Christ dying on the cross to save us. SYNC focuses on  all seven ways main acts of God  in the story of the world. People who SYNC gradually realize what they have been missing. They may even be overwhelmed with a new sense of gratitude, changing their whole outlook on life. It is tremendously liberating. SYNC includes ways for them to celebrate with others. 

A Non-churchy Way to Talk about It All

People who follow Christ often struggle to know how to talk about it with their friends who do not follow him. The language used in church is loaded with technical religious words that do not play well outside the church--justification, sanctification, righteousness, etc. SYNC helps people re-think their faith in ordinary language, discover powerful new things about it, and tell their own story in their own words.

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