"I'd Like to Teach the World to SYNC"


SYNCing is way too good to keep to ourselves. Gently, joyfully, peaceably, beautifully, let's find ways to help the world recognize its opportunity to SYNC. Absolutely anybody can get in on this, anyone who says,  "SYNC me."   See lyrics below.

Let all the messengers of peace

A flock of snow white doves

Not hurt a soul from pole to pole

But furnish earth with love


I’d like to teach the world to SYNC

With rhythm so divine

To heal its wounds and stop its wars

And blur what’s yours or mine


I’d like to see the world for once

In SYNC with Christ the King

In SYNC with love and joy and peace

And all he died to bring

That’s the beat I hear

Let the world SYNC today

With the real King

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