Blessing other people is a key part of SYNC. As free citizens of Jesus' kingdom, we are authorized to pray blessings on people and pronounce blessings over them "in Jesus' name," that is, in SYNC with him and all he stands for.


Very fulfilling, even habit-forming, and totally in SYNC with the God's ancient plan to restore blessing to the world. During Freedom Season we may be especially aware of praying the blessing of freedom on people who are living in bondage to something. Nothing smashes bondage like the stone that was rolled away from Jesus' grave.

SYNC's annual cycle gives us seven kinds of blessings that spell out various aspects of "God bless you." For our close friends and family, we may want to go through the whole list of seven kinds of blessing, and bless them from head to toe. 

Bless your friends

Christ is a blessing. In SYNC with him, you are too.

The biblical basis for each blessing in the SYNC cycle

When you pray a SYNC blessing for someone, you are asking God to SYNC that person with his intention when he did one of his seven world-defining events. For example, when God SYNCs a person with the power of the resurrection, that person receives a share of the freedom God intended for humans to have when he brought Jesus, the Freedom-Bringer, out of his grave alive.









The seven world-defining events or "God-things" we SYNC with

Creation, the source of every breath we take

The spiritual lineage of Abraham, the source of our identity and purpose 

Jesus' death on “Freedom Day”* and his resurrection, the source of our freedom

Jesus taking his throne in heaven and sending his Spirit to empower us

God showing us mercy and turning us into merciful people

Jesus carrying his cross, showing us how to carry ours

King Jesus ruling us inside, foreshadowing his return to rule the world

*"Freedom Day" was Passover, the annual Jewish festival of freedom


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