Catching onto the Freedom Rhythm 

Note: this page assumes you already saw the "5G Flow" of the Freedom Rhythm
The rhythm of Freedom Season is the rhythm of a new era, "Freedom Time." Jesus launched it with his Freedom Declaration, which then became the focus of his teaching and the cause of his death. His resurrection validated the Declaration for all time.
Freedom Time is not something in the future. We do not have to create it by persuading a critical mass of people to join forces and establish it. It is already here, established by Jesus. That is the heart of the good news we have for the world. 
We are "freedom activists" in the sense that we tell people how to activate their freedom so it can start working for them. It is like a new credit card. The owner has to call the number on the card to activate it before it will work to purchase anything. A person with an un-activated card is no better off than a person with no card at all. That is how life is for people who are living in Freedom Time today but have not activated their freedom by becoming free citizens of the kingdom of Jesus. Free citizens are people who "SYNC with Jesus."
Freedom Season is the time to re-SYNC with the drumbeat of freedom in Christ, or to start SYNCing if you have not been doing that. Catch onto the Freedom Rhythm (see list below) and start moving with it. The God who sets people free will be your God. You will discover the rights and joys of the free citizens of the kingdom of Jesus, and you will become a carrier of freedom, helping people discover what you are discovering.

Catching onto the Freedom Rhythmgetting the idea and the feel of it
Relief, joy, and Freedom Season (March 28 - May 12, 2021)


Like all the other SYNC seasons, Freedom Season links us back to something huge God has done. To "SYNC" with that God-thing means to align ourselves with God's intentions when he did it.


In this case the God-thing is that God the Father raised his Son Jesus from his grave. On the surface we might see this as only a spectacular power display, and we may get into arguments about whether it happened or not. But for a moment, let's think about what it would mean if it did happen, other than showing God can do anything he wants. Why would God do this particular thing with this particular person? What were his intentions?

We can tell if we look at the overall flow of the story of Jesus's whole life. Jesus came to earth to issue the Freedom Declaration. His enemies executed him to nullify that declaration, since a king's declaration loses its force when he dies. God raised Jesus to validate the Freedom Declaration, to keep it in force. 


The Declaration said that a new era of freedom, healing, and deliverance was beginning on earth, and that Jesus is the king in this new era. We know that the era is continuing because of his resurrection. He is not a disembodied spirit who has gone off into an unseen realm. He is not like all other people who have ever died. He is not a zombie, a walking dead person. He is in a class by himself, a person who used to be dead but is now as alive in his body as he was before. He is the prototype that shows us the freedom we are destined for. He is still the spearhead of God's campaign to bring freedom into the world.

This comes to us as a huge relief. We are not living in a world that no one can do anything about. We are not trapped. We have no incurable wounds, no hopeless predicaments. We have a King who launched a new era of freedom, and we already have one foot in that new era because we are connected to him.

Unfortunately our other foot is still in the present, and the present is still fighting to prevent the future from happening. That is the freedom struggle we are in, bringing the future era of freedom, healing, and deliverance into the present in spite of all attempts to block it. In Jesus's life, those blocking attempts all converged in his execution. The resurrection tells us, "Freedom wins! Jesus IS the true Messiah, and his Declaration stands!"

We are not revolutionaries in the normal sense of "freedom fighters." We are not using violence to bring in the new era. We do call ourselves activists in the freedom struggle, but even then our methods are not the typical ones that activists use, leveraging non-violent power to try to force change. We are not forcing anything. We are spreading the news of the resurrection, urging people to realize what it means and to step freely into the new era, becoming free citizens under King Jesus. That is the path of freedom, healing, and deliverance.

So the theme of Freedom Season is, "Jesus is risen! His Freedom Declaration is still in force. Find relief and joy in it, and help others find them too."

Freedom Season is the third of seven seasons in the SYNC annual cycle. In the first season, humanity fell under a curse. In the second season, God began to break that curse for us and replace it with blessing through the descendants of Abraham. In Freedom Season, a particular descendant, Jesus, issues the Freedom Declaration, but freedom is never won without a fight. Jesus has to die to win our freedom, and God raises him from death, breaking the ancient curse. 


The resurrection reminds us of what we called the moral of the story of Abraham and Isaac: "Never, never, never refuse to do something God's way just because you can't see how he could possibly make it work for good. He will unforgettably surprise you." There are more surprises to come. Spoiler alert: in the next season (Power Season), all heaven breaks loose on earth.

FAQs about the Freedom Rhythm

1. How do I know if I am already a "free citizen of the kingdom of Jesus"? 

The simplest way to tell if you are already a citizen is to ask yourself what you think freedom is. If you can name something that used to dominate your life but it doesn't any more because of your connection with Jesus, you are in. If you think freedom means being free to do whatever you choose or having no master, no debts, and no unwanted responsibilities, you are not in yet. 

Another way to tell is to ask what you are doing to spread the news of freedom and call others to enjoy it like you do. The experience of freedom in Christ pushes you toward living as a freedom activist. If the "activist" part scares you, you aren't into Christ's freedom yet, or not very far in.

If you still aren't sure, here is a third way to tell, though it is a little more work. Read the "Who Are We?" story called "The Freedom King" (2 min.) and ask whether you see yourself as part of that story. The "Reflections" at the end of the story include five ways to tell whether you are in or not.

2. If I wanted to become a free citizen of Jesus's kingdom, how would I do it?


If you are not in but want to be, the way to get in is basically to respond to the "Freedom King" story (2 min. read) by saying, "I'm in," the same way you might say, "I'm in" when someone asked you whether you wanted to go along on a trip or take part in a business deal. Obviously you have to understand the trip or the business deal. Otherwise it doesn't mean anything to say, "I'm in," and you will opt out pretty quickly.

In this case, your "I'm in," means, "Yes, Freedom King, please grant me citizenship in your 'kingdom of the willing.' I like the sound of your "Freedom Tribe," and I want to share in its purpose of spreading the Freedom Declaration. I'm not saying I'm qualified to be one of your freedom activists, but I am saying, 'Thank you' for dying to free me up to join this team. Please give me some of your freedom, healing, and deliverance so I have my own story to tell as an activist."

You become a different person because you belong to Jesus' freedom movement. This is where the idea of being "born again" comes from. The old you was not free in Christ. The whole idea of "freedom in Christ" just did not mean anything to the old you, but it means a lot to the new you. It is like you have finally discovered the free life you were born for. Spiritually speaking, you have discovered part of it, and you will discover a lot more as you go along. Enjoy the ride!