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Catching onto the Honor Rhythm 

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The rhythm of Honor Season is the rhythm of Jesus' feet as he staggered under the cross beam on his way to execution. It is by far the most painful of the seven SYNC rhythms, but as you catch onto it, you start loving it anyway.
The Honor Rhythm means you can't lose! If you "See Yourself iN Christ," then you see that any enemy who wants to crush you has to go through Christ to get to you, and that's not happening.
Enemies can still attack. They can inflict all sorts of pain on you for saying and showing that Jesus is alive. They can take away your security, your property, your freedom, even your life. If you want an easy life, find yourself a different hero, not Jesus.
But if you want to SYNC with God's strategy to save and restore the world, then worship our cross-carrying Jesus and welcome his Spirit so you have the strength to finish honorably as you follow him, no matter what pain or disgrace this may bring you. He is our model of endurance.
The opposition would like to finish us off, but they never get to say, "It is finished." Only Jesus the King gets to say that, like he said it as he died on the cross. He, the ultimate finisher, turns ordinary people, even weak people, into finishers. As we endure things that would break ordinary people, we point to his life and power at work in us by his Holy Spirit.
Catching onto the Honor Rhythmgetting the idea and the feel of it
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