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Catching onto the Life Rhythm 

Note: this page assumes you already saw the "5G Flow" of the Life Rhythm
The rhythm of Life Season is the rhythm of all the goodness and beauty of life and creation. According to the Bible, everything was good in the beginning, and the human beings were "very good" (Genesis 1.27).  

Lots of things are far from good today, and every single bad thing is a sign that someone, some group, or something has slipped out of SYNC with the Creator. 


Life Season is the time to re-SYNC. Remember where we came from and live lives full of gratitude, joy, and respect for the Creator, the Source of life.

Catching onto the Life Rhythm - getting the idea and the feel of it​

New Year and Life Season (January 1 - March 1, 2022)


Like all the other SYNC seasons, Life Season links you back to something huge God has done. To "SYNC" with that God-thing means to align yourself with God's intentions when he did it.


In this case the God-thing is the creation of human life, our world, and the whole universe. Life Season celebrates that, even in winter, if it is winter where you are. (The wind chill here was -32 Fahrenheit or -36 Celsius the morning I wrote this!)  


Life is harder today than it was in the beginning, and not just weather-wise. God intended his creation to be the world that is still the world of our dreams--comfortable temperature, beautiful scenery, plenty of food to pick without having to work for it, parity and peace between the sexes, no aging, no conflicts, no danger even from animals, and God himself stopping by for conversation. Ordinary life was supposed to be life at its best.

Life Season is the time to recall how grand it all was, and how good God was to make it that way. What is more important in life than a gut level conviction that God really is good? Everything went south when Adam and Eve were tricked into doubting that. They began to suspect that he was holding out on them, selfishly protecting some of his own rights at their expense.

God had given them a warning that one particular tree was poisonous, and Adam and Eve became convinced he had lied to them in order to restrict the level of life they could live. They believed the lie planted in their heads by God's enemy, who said the tree was not poisonous but actually super-charged with magical power that would enrich their lives. 

They secretly helped themselves to the fruit, and immediately their whole lives changed, but not for the better. We are their heirs. We can see the difference between the world God created and the world we are in. We should be able to see the moral of the story: "Never, never, never doubt the goodness of God."


So the theme of Life Season is, "Just look at it!" Look with your eyes. Look with a microscope or a telescope. Look with every scientific tool you can find. And marvel at the complexity and the beauty. Whoever designed all this is an amazing Being, and amazingly good.


Marvel with today's astrophysicists, whose theme is, "With our current technology, we can see things humans could see even a few years ago, and what we have discovered is that we really don't know anything at all about the universe, except that every theory we used to have is wrong."   

Life Season starts the SYNC annual cycle. And it's a great start! At the end of the inital creative process, God stepped back and admired his work, pronouncing it all, "Very good." Genesis 1.27. And BTW, when God tells us that something is poisonous, he is telling the truth in order to protect our lives, not fudging the truth in order to limit them.

Moving with the Life Rhythm

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