Catching onto the Power Rhythm 

Note: this page assumes you already saw the "5G Flow" of the Power Rhythm
The rhythm of Power Season is the rhythm of a whole new kind of power, sent into the world by Jesus Christ to work in and through his followers. This "power" is much more than the power of an idea or a truth. It is an actual thing, a force to be reckoned with. It is like "the Force" in "May the Force be with you," but this Force has a name--the Spirit of Jesus the Messiah. 
Imagine that great people could project their spirits onto or into other people, who would then be empowered to do some of the things the great people are famous for. For example, if Shakespeare could project his spirit into people, they would become great writers. If Einstein could project his spirit into people, they would become great scientists, etc. 
Of course, great people can't actually do that. Instead, they try to train and inspire others to be like them, and others try to learn from them and copy them as best they can.  A lot of people look at Jesus that way--a great person to learn from and try to imitate. But that approach totally misses the actual "Force" of Jesus. He did what other great people can't do.
Jesus the Messiah rose from the dead, and he spread his Spirit around to empower others to be like him. That is how he builds the team he is using to carry out his campaign to heal, bless, and connect the world. Shakespeare and Einstein did not lead campaigns or build campaign teams. Jesus did, and he still does.
Power Season is the time to come to look at Jesus from that angle--the Power-spreader, the Spearhead of the campaign. It is the time to re-SYNC with the drumbeat of the power of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, or to start SYNCing if you have not been doing that. 
Catch onto the Power Rhythm (see list below) and start moving with it. Open up to the transforming influence of the Spirit of Jesus. You will discover a new life, and you will become walking evidence of the way the Spirit works. That will help other people discover what you are discovering. Then they can get into the campaign team instead of missing out on it.

Catching onto the Power Rhythmgetting the idea and the feel of it
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Security, significance, and the rhythm of Power Season (May 13 - August 6, 2021)


Like all the other SYNC seasons, Power Season links us back to something huge God has done. In this case the God-thing is that Jesus sent his Spirit down from heaven into his followers on earth to back up their message that he is the true Messiah, the power center of history.

To "SYNC" with that God-thing means to align yourself with God's intentions when he did it. His intention was to change the world for good by making his power for good more widely available to humans than it had ever been. He did not want his followers to be "power orphans," thinking that he had taken his power with him to heaven and it would not return to earth until he does. He wanted his Holy Spirit to keep doing humanly impossible things through us humans who welcome him. 


Like what? The Holy Spirit changes us inside at levels where we cannot change ourselves. He tells people things they have no human way of knowing. He does miracles that humans can't do, like enabling them to speak languages they have never learned to speak (Acts 2.1-12). When the Holy Spirit lives in people, they become "witnesses" of Jesus (Acts 1.8), walking evidence of Jesus's power at work.

Power Season celebrates the implications of that fantastic fact.

  • We know who we are--people empowered by Jesus's Spirit living in us

  • We know why we are here--to point people to Jesus as the power for transforming the world

  • We know we cannot lose--no force can block Jesus's plan unless it can overpower the Holy Spirit

This means we are secure because we always have enough power to do our assigned share of Jesus's mission to transform the world. We are also significant, no matter how large or small our share may be. Jesus as the King of this era makes it all work together so that change comes on his timetable.


The biblical symbol of this all-powerful Spirit is not some huge fearsome monster. It's a dove! Jesus gave no instructions about how to get or use any intimidating earthly power. He set up a campaign that works gently, not by grabbing power and imposing its will. As members of his campaign team, we only aim to keep letting the Spirit's power work in us and through us in dovish ways for the good of everyone. 

So the theme of Power Season is, "Jesus is still the connection between heaven's power and earth's needs! He projects his Spirit, the power-spreading Spirit, into those who open themselves up to him as free citizens of his kingdom."

Power Season is the fourth of seven seasons in the SYNC annual cycle.

First season -- humanity forfeited its power over the world, and it fell under an evil power 

Second season -- God promised to fight that evil power and bring good into the world through the descendants of Abraham

Third season -- Jesus announced that the new era of freedom from the evil power was arriving

Fourth season (Power Season) -- Jesus takes power, sitting down on the throne of heaven, and he sends his power back down to earth through his Spirit

The arrival of the Spirit of Jesus among his followers on Pentecost Day reminds us of the power of the resurrection of Jesus. After Jesus returned to heaven, his followers were like a dead body, a body without a Spirit. But ten days later he sent his Spirit back into them and they were "resurrected." 


They came alive again, Jesus was back with them again, but now by his Spirit he was with each of them all the time, not just with those who were next to him at any particular moment. In other words, all heaven was about to break loose, and it would knock all hell out of this world of ours. The evil power would rule no more. The campaign of Jesus the Messiah would surge forward through his team, empowered by his Spirit.

FAQs about the Power Rhythm

1. How do I know whether the Spirit of Jesus is already living in me? Isn't God's Spirit in every human? 

In a way, God's Spirit is already in every human because we are all created "in the image of God," that is "God-like" or "God-ish." However, we are all conflicted. Our problem is that God's Spirit is not in charge. We are. That means we have a deep inner tension, conscious or otherwise. We are always trying to decide whether to go with or against God's Spirit in any given situation.


When we consciously say "Yes" to Jesus and invite him to send his Holy Spirit into us, we basically give his Spirit a blank check. We quit dragging our feet. We invite the Spirit to change anything about us, even things we don't know about ourselves. 

That opens up a new kind of life. Our nagging inner conflict is left behind as we begin a voyage of discovery. The Spirit takes us to places we did not know existed.

2. If I wanted to invite the Spirit of Jesus to move into my life, how would I do it?


It will make more sense to you if you have the big picture of what you are doing. Get that by a 2-minute read of the "Mother of All Power Struggles" story, and then respond to the story by saying, "I'm in." It's the same way you might say, "I'm in" when someone asked you whether you wanted to go along on a trip or take part in a business deal. Obviously you have to understand the trip or the business deal. Otherwise it doesn't mean anything to say, "I'm in," and you may opt out pretty quickly.

In this case, your "I'm in" to this story means something along these lines,

"Yes, Jesus, Source of all power, please include me in the group you created by putting your Spirit into people. I want to be empowered. Light me up. Make me clear evidence that your transforming power is still on the march, still turning anxious people confident, stingy people generous, and sick people well. I'm not saying I'm qualified to be good evidence of your power, except that I have lots of room for improvement. But I am saying, 'Thank you' for making your power available to the world through your Spirit. Please count me in. Please give me a power story to tell."

You become a different person once the Holy Spirit moves in to take charge of your life. The Spirit empowers you to take part in the mission of Jesus, bringing heaven's power to earth. No longer are you stuck in the rut of trying to do the best you can. Because of the Spirit, you are going to do more than you can. It is like you have finally discovered the empowered life you were born for. Spiritually speaking, you have discovered part of it, and you will discover a lot more as you go along. Enjoy the ride!