The "Three Cs" are three things you do, three steps toward empowerment. You approach your Bible reading with these in mind because your goal is SYNCing, which is more than knowing something in your head. You do not just hear the beat of Scripture; you move with it.

1. Celebrate

What can I celebrate in these verses?

What empowers me as I read it?


What has God already done or promised that I can rely on and SYNC with?

2. Change

How do these verses change me?


What has to change in me if I get into SYNC with these verses?


How do these verses give me the power to change?

3. Carry

What power can I carry into my day from these verses?


Who else will benefit as I become a carrier of spiritual power?


What in these verses is too good to keep to myself or enjoy by myself?

Who will I tell about what I am celebrating and changing?

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Daily Bible reading list
for Power Season

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Daily Bible readings cover the whole Bible in one year. You may choose to read only the New Testament readings, which cover the whole New Testament in a year. 

You do not read through the Bible directly from start to finish. In each SYNC season, the biblical books you read are those that emphasize the seasonal theme most clearly. For example, during Power Season, the book of Acts is the main New Testament book used because it says so much about the power of the Holy Spirit.

The "Three Cs" of SYNCing:

Celebrate, Change, Carry

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