Are you interested in exploring a fresh way to present the good news of Jesus so it connects well where God has placed you?


Do any of the seven SYNC mini-stories (or their expanded versions called story “templates”) look like a promising thing to explore?


If you say “Yes” to both the above questions, we will happily discuss your disciple-making goals with you. The discussion will tell you whether you want additional coaching as you explore a SYNC mini-story and/or template.

SYNC is a non-proprietary project. We encourage you to adapt SYNC material for your situation and use or publish your version in your name without any payment to us. We even award a $50 gift card to the "Coach's Choice" project each month.

All we ask is that you do not twist the story. If we think you are twisting it, we will talk to you about it. If you still think your version is fine, we cannot keep you from circulating it.

“Four-Round Coaching” discussion process

What is a “mini-story” of the world?

Seven SYNC mini-stories

What is a story “template”? 

Seven SYNC templates

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What is involved in “exploring a fresh way to present the good news”?


You will engage in a discussion process with a coach about adapting one or more of the SYNC mini-stories and templates to fit your situation. You may do this directly by e-mail or Skype or in our "SYNC Coaching" Facebook group.


Our mission is to help you get better at making disciples in your context. Our approach is not to perfect a system and teach it to you but to provide several templates for you to choose from and then to coach you as you adapt that template based on your local knowledge and experience.


You have complete editorial control of the process. Our advice is only advice. Whatever end product you develop will (if published) have your name on it, not ours. You always have freedom to decide when your adaptation process is complete.

We prayerfully consider each coaching request, and we provide coaching as our time permits. We never charge for it since it is a key part of the SYNC ministry of developing “new ways to tell the old story.” If we cannot keep up with the coaching requests, we will try to help you find a coach of your own or steer you into a peer learning group.


What is a story “template”? 


The seven story “templates” are draft versions of the panorama of the whole biblical story and the gospel in about 800 words. You modify any of these templates to produce a “new way to tell the old story.” 


Your goal is to develop a version of the template that fits your situation better than the template itself. Weave in whatever you already know is working. The result should be something that will have fresh appeal to your audience. They may have heard the good news before, but they have never heard it like this!


Seven SYNC templates

The seven templates, ("stories of the world") each one expanding one of the SYNC mini-stories

Additional info on each of the seven themes (may help you decide which one to start with)

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