How "Connection Season" works

Connection Season

Mar. 1- Apr. 8, 2017


            This is an Abraham day, and we are connected.

What it means

             God has a proactive plan to bless the world. This plan is centered in a people group—the descendants of Abraham. We get adopted into this group through Christ. From then on, we are spiritual descendants of Abraham, connected to God’s plan.


How it brings security and significance

            We know what our purpose is, and it is a purpose we share with a global movement.


The sneaky cultural assumption the Connection Declaration exposes

            Good social and national groups exist to protect their own blessings, and bad ones exist to oppress and conquer.

Truth and plausibility in the assumption

            The drive for conquest is a tragic aspect of human history.

God’s corrections to the assumption

            The ultimate reality is not us against them but us for them as signs that God is for them and is calling them to himself. We do not have to conquer anything but lies.

The philosophical lie this declaration exposes

            No human group is given any specific role by the Creator. Human groups have to negotiate as best they can.

The insecurity and suffering the lie brings if not exposed

            No ultimate meaning or significance to any human group, and no ultimate basis for bringing humanity together. Loneliness, fear, war, oppression, racism.

Response in our character

            Love. If God plans to bless all peoples, and if we are in SYNC with his plan through Christ, love comes naturally.

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