Moving with the "Freedom" rhythm

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Calling all songwriters!

Here's a chance for you to bring “joy to the world” using your songwriting gifts and passion.


To encourage you as you do that, we are offering fourteen prizes of $400 each. For each of SYNC's seven themes, there will be one winner in the English Division and another in the Global Division, which excludes English.

Base your contest song on any of the seventeen "milestone events" below. Together those events tell the biblical story of the world, summarized in these seven themes and icons.

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Your song should touch people with the meaning of your chosen milestone event like Christmas carols touch people with the meaning of Jesus’s birth or like worship music touches people with the meaning of the cross.

Your song does not have to sound like a Christmas carol or a hymn. Choose whatever musical style brings the most joy to the people around you. Just be sure to draw the group into singing along somehow--with the whole song, with the chorus, or in a set response, chant, or cheer.


Instructions for the English Division of the contest

Instructions for the Global Division (excluding English) 

17 Milestones in the Biblical Story of the World

Listed in historical order

Red font = the seven major milestones (1, 3, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17)

Milestone 1: Creation Genesis 1.1-31 (LIFE theme)

     Creation of the world and humanity
Milestone 2: Tower of Babel Genesis 11.1-9 (LIFE theme)

     Life falls apart at all levels
Milestone 3: Abraham Genesis 22.1-18 (ROOTS theme)

     The promise to bless the world through Abraham’s descendants
Milestone 4: Plagues and Red Sea Exodus chapters 7-15, especially 12.1-13 (FREEDOM theme)

     The rescue of Israel from slavery in Egypt
Milestone 5: Wilderness Deuteronomy 29.1-15 (FREEDOM theme)

     God gets his people through the wilderness to the Promised Land
Milestone 6: Bethlehem Luke 2.1-20 (VISION theme)

     The baby is born to be King
Milestone 7: Nazareth (a new era) Luke 4.14-21 (FREEDOM theme)

     The Freedom Declaration by Jesus
Milestone 8: The Transfiguration Mark 9.1-13 (POWER theme)

     A secret preview of heaven’s power
Milestone 9: Palm Sunday Matthew 21.1-16 (FREEDOM theme)

     Hailing the King of the new Freedom Era
Milestone 10: The cross Romans 6.6-10 (FREEDOM theme)

     Jesus breaks sin’s stranglehold
Milestone 11: Jesus as our High Priest Hebrews 9.1-15 (MERCY theme)

     The final sacrifice for sins on the heavenly altar
Milestone 12: The resurrection John 20.1-20 (FREEDOM theme)

     The King is freed from death to continue leading his freedom campaign
Milestone 13: The ascension Acts 2.21-36 (POWER theme)

     The King takes power on his throne in heaven
Milestone 14: Pentecost Acts 2.1-12 (POWER theme)

     The King puts his Spirit into his followers to empower them
Milestone 15: Carrying the cross of Jesus Mark 15.15-21 (HONOR theme)

     The King’s followers faithfully endure persecution
Milestone 16: Calling Jesus to return Revelation 22.6-21 (VISION theme)

     The King’s followers look forward to his return

Milestone 17: A new world Revelation 11.15-19 (VISION theme)

     The King returns to reign magnificently