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Do you prefer to learn in a group (but not in a class)? Then you are already on your way to Seeing Yourself iN Christ. It's a group project. In SYNC with him, you will be in SYNC with everybody else who is in SYNC with him. 

As you SYNC with him, the authentic self you discover is your self that is drawn to other people, not your self that wants to hide. Those two selves are in conflict. As you SYNC with Christ, that battle winds down, and your real self wins.

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Jan. 1 - Feb. 13, 2018


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Exercise menu -- Connect with others

To strengthen your old connections and perhaps build some new ones, try some of these SYNC exercises. For best results, read the next two paragraphs first.

Coordination is the name of the game of life, and Jesus Christ is the great coordinator. If you like people and you don't like being left out, SYNC with Christ. His role is to coordinate the human race. 


Conflict between individuals or nations means one or both are out of SYNC with him. Otherwise they would be connected and coordinated. Your best move to promote peace and good relationships at any level is to SYNC with Christ. Have at it! 


Broken links in the exercise menu: In the link labels, "COMING" means the exercise is still being prepared, and the link is inactive. "OLD" means the exercise is leftover from Glory Season in December. The link is active but the content is for the wrong season. Use an "OLD" link if you want to see how a particular exercise works, but do not comment in detail on the "Glory Season" content. I will mark the exercises  "NEW" when ready for checking. 


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