Some people focus on themselves. Some focus on their circumstances. Some focus on a vision. And some struggle to focus at all.

When you SYNC (See Yourself iN Christ), you focus outside yourself and beyond your circumstances. In Christ, you get clued in to God's ancient plan to bring the whole world back into SYNC with heaven. You go with his strategy is to build a united group of people who keep trusting him even when the going gets tough. 

As the SYNC vision dawns on you, the authentic self you discover is your clued-in self. You realize that something huge and good is going on, and you get on board with it. 

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Jan. 1 - Feb. 13, 2018


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May the SYNC exercises you choose bring the SYNC vision into focus for you. For best results, read the next two paragraphs before you start working out.

It's true. "All the world's a stage." And we are on it. A play started long before we got here, but many of the actors are clueless about it. They act like nothing was going on till they arrived, they each want to be the star performer, and they mess things up royally.

They need to get a clue. What is the play? How do they fit? How can they become stars in their assigned roles? Through SYNC exercises, the Big Story of the world comes into focus for us, we become grateful for the privilege of stepping on stage at all, and we eagerly try to please the director who is trying to bring the best out of us. 



Broken links in the exercise menu: In the link labels, "COMING" means the exercise is still being prepared, and the link is inactive. "OLD" means the exercise is leftover from Glory Season in December. The link is active but the content is for the wrong season. Use an "OLD" link if you want to see how a particular exercise works, but do not comment in detail on the "Glory Season" content. As I update these for Life Season, I will mark them  "NEW" so you can check them out if you want. 


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