Weekly meeting options

We would love to have some face to face group tests, even in a "group" of two. Anybody want to invite a friend to meet for a weekly "SYNCo" coffee? Maybe try it for the rest of Life Season, which ends Feb. 13th? I'll be running one test myself in Jan-Feb, but we get more useful test results when other people are the testers. 


So far, our only group tests have been a closed Facebook group with 5-6 people and a 3-month adult Sunday School class with 20-30 people. The class used the "looking back" and "looking ahead" questions (see buttons below), and they worked, generating constructive discussion of serious and everyday things people were facing. The Facebook group has been very sporadic--not a good test since I have invested so little in it.


I would also love to have an existing small group adopt the SYNC approach for a while, but I'm not currently in a small group. Anybody got a group that is looking for its next topic? Maybe have a group start with "Roots" season, Feb. 14-Mar. 25 with the option to keep going through "Freedom" season, which ends May 9th. (Dates are negotiable. Starting at the beginning of a month may more logical for the group, no matter where the SYNC calendar is. It's just that the on-line questions will change on the SYNC dates, so people should request the questions if they want to start early or download them during the season if they want to extend to the end of a month.)  

  1. With one or two friends, perhaps lunch or coffee

  2. With a small group (but not a "study" group)

  3. In a larger group scheduled as a "class" 



  1. The aim is to SYNC with Christ, not to "study" or "learn" or "cover" something

  2. We believe we can SYNC better with a weekly meeting than without one

  3. The focus is our past week and our next week in relationship to Christ

  4. One or more SYNC exercises will provide a loose guide for discussion

Choose your type of meeting

Get agreement on ground rules

Choose your discussion framework

Other options for weekly discussion guides

Any SYNC exercise that a discussion member is using may be reported and/or discussed at a weekly meeting. For example:

  1. How are we using the meme, if at all? When did we think of it last week? How will next week be different if we keep the meme in mind?

  2. What do we have to share from the daily Bible readings, if we are using those?

  3. Did we greet anybody this week with the "special hello"? If so, who was it, and how did that feel?

  4. Did we discuss "The Rescuer" story with anybody this week? How did that opportunity come up? How did it go?


You get the idea. However, be careful not to read off a whole list of possible exercises in a way that will make people feel guilty if they have not done any of them. In SYNC with Christ, our mission is to build people up, not tear them down.


BETA TESTERS: Meetings please?

BETA TESTERS: Meetings please?

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