If you enjoy poking around on YouTube, look for some things that will get the wonder of life and creation on your mind.


Find, enjoy, and share uplifting things, beautiful things, things that make you marvel at God's awesome creativity. If you like a challenge, pretend there is a balance scale. The evening news is on one side of the scale. Your mission is to find something on YouTube to put on the other side of the scale to outweigh the impact that today's news will bring. 

Let YouTube searches help you cultivate a grateful attitude toward life. See Yourself iN Christ as a person who is blessed to be alive and privileged to be able to make the lives of others better. Seeing yourself as a giver is a wonderful antidote to always feeling like you are 10% short, needing "just a little more."

The more grateful you get, the less grouchy and grasping you will be. The world will be happier with the more grateful you. 

"Gentlemen, start your search engines!"
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