"SYNC me" or "SYNC us" is the whole SYNC exercise program in two words. Say that to Jesus Christ every chance you get--before every other SYNC exercise you do, first thing in the morning, last thing at night, etc.

It means, "OK, King Jesus. I trust you. SYNC me with your heartbeat and your plan for the world."


The rest of the SYNC site helps you unpack those two words. If you ever get lost in the details on some other exercise or page, come back to these two words. (Add alignment in read more.)

Where does "SYNC me" come from?

"SYNC me" is simply a 21st century way of saying exactly what Jesus said in the middle of the pattern prayer he gave to his followers--"As in heaven, so on earth." (Mt. 6.10) Or, "SYNC earth with heaven."

The entire SYNC project is about helping people to pray that prayer authentically, welcome heaven to earth, and discover a new life in the process.

Why "me/us"?

"SYNC me/us" is your hint that Christ's goal is not just to SYNC you with him but to SYNC everybody and everything on earth with him. That means SYNCing is actually a group activity even though you can start on it all by yourself.

Suggestion if "me/us" is confusing:

Use "SYNC me" for starters and "SYNC us" when you are ready. Remember that SYNC us means, "SYNC us all with Christ" not "SYNC us with each other." Of course, we will be in SYNC with each other once we are all in SYNC with him, but in the meantime it is better to focus on him than on us.

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