Warning: No bragging rights

Let's not get overly impressed with ourselves because we get to make someone's day. People want water, not bottles.


A water bottle is indeed a great blessing. An empty water bottle? Not so much. 

Make someone's day

There are two tricks to this:


1. SYNC with Christ enough that you are overflowing with something good.

Get Christ on your mind, possibly by SYNC exercises. Overflowing is then a natural thing, not engineered or forced. Don't try to be good, kind, or whatever. Just mean it when you say, "SYNC us," and watch goodness and kindness start bubbling up mysteriously in you. Then when you do an act of blessing or say a word of blessing it is authentic. It comes from who you are. 


2. Sense God's timing.

Don't broadcast your thoughts and try to bless everybody in sight with them. Listen to people. Watch sensitively. Wait for God's nudge to say or do something. You probably have felt these nudges already but may not have realized that God is behind them. 

We are the bottles that get to carry the water of life. And we live in a desert. Let's pray we meet some people today who are ready for a drink.

How to give a drink

"SYNC me/us" is your hint that Christ's goal is not just to SYNC you with him but to SYNC everybody and everything on earth with him. That means SYNCing is actually a group activity even though you can start on it all by yourself.

Suggestion if "me/us" is confusing:

Use "SYNC me" for starters and "SYNC us" when you are ready. Remember that SYNC us means, "SYNC us all with Christ" not "SYNC us with each other." Of course, we will be in SYNC with each other once we are all in SYNC with him, but in the meantime it is better to focus on him than on us.

Draft "How to give a drink"

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