Always keep "God, me, them" in mind as you read or listen to the SYNC Scripture for the day or week. Your goal is SYNCing, which is more than knowing something in your head. You do not just hear the beat of Scripture; you move with it.

The "God, me, them" method will help you read the Bible differently than if you use the two default questions most people unconsciously use, that is, what do the verses mean and what encouragement I can get out of them. Try it and see.

1. God

What has God already said or done that inspires our courage?


Celebrate the answer to that question.

2. Me

What may I risk this week if I am in SYNC with what God has said or done?


Whatever it is, hand it over to God. 

3. Them

Who can I "en-courage" with something from these verses? How?


Remember you are not just trying to get through your own fears and challenges. You are a courage agent, looking for ways to come alongside others in their struggles. And you are a part of the Body of Christ, which means you feel the pain of anyone else who is hurting.

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SYNC daily Bible readings in the New Testament column cover the whole New Testament in one year, and the Old Testament readings cover the whole Old Testament. However, you do not read through the Bible directly from start to finish. 


In each SYNC season, the biblical books you read are those that emphasize the seasonal theme most clearly. For example, during Courage Season, you read books like Hebrews that were written to encourage Christians who were being persecuted.

Daily Bible reading list
for Courage Season

"God, me, them"

The SYNC Bible reading/listening method

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