Seeing yourself in Christ is a day at a time and week at a time process. End your week with one or more of these questions.   ​

  • What did I do proactively to stay focused on God’s faithfulness and Christ’s model of sacrificial suffering throughout the week? How well did it work? (Thank God for whatever worked)

  • What happened last week that led me to trust God more than before? What did he get me through? What did Christ do in me, show me, or convince me of?  (May be an event, remark, thought, reading, etc. Thank God for it.)

  • Did anyone help me carry my cross? (Thank God for sending any such people.)  Did I help anyone else carry his/her cross? How did that happen? (Praise God that you get to be the "God-send" for others sometimes.) 

  • Did I chicken out in any situation because what God probably wanted me to do seemed too risky? (Repent of losing your focus on Christ, and turn your attention back to him carrying his cross.) 

  • Did I bring any unnecessary opposition on myself by coming across as ungracious or unloving? (With hindsight, imagine a better option.)

  • Bottom line: Is there more evidence of Christ’s sacrificial, courageous love in the world today than there would be if I had not lived the past week the way I lived it? (If the answer is yes, then heaven's transforming power is coming to earth, just as Jesus said it is. We are following his example and proving his words true.)

  • Note: if you got through the week with no cross to carry personally, enlarge your world. Get information that will help you pray for fellow Christians who daily face tremendous risks for their faith in other countries.

Looking back at your week

If I am not running into opposition, does it mean I am not a good follower of Christ? 

Possibly, but don't jump to that conclusion. 

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