The Courage Declaration in the meme is meant to be memorized.

"This is a day of risk, and we have courage."      



The Courage Prayer in the meme is also meant to be memorized.

"Give us the courage to be crucified. Make us bold, make us bold, make us bold."



The Courage Weapon is also meant to be memorized.

". . . And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith. Because of the joy awaiting him, he endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now he is seated in the place of honor beside God's throne."  (Heb. 12.1b-2, NLT)


Being proactive 

The meme is a memory trigger. Put it somewhere you will see it often--on your device, next to your bed, on a wall or mirror, etc. If you enjoy graphic arts, redesign it to suit yourself. Or change your home screen to a scene with dark clouds.

Set a reminder on your device once or more per day to say the Declaration and Prayer from memory. (Those are both in the meme.)

Entrances. Get into the habit of saying the Declaration and Prayer every day as you enter a situation, for example, as you walk toward the door of your workplace or school.

E-mail signature. Use the Declaration in your e-mail signature, possibly with a link to the SYNC Courage Season overview. It will trigger your memory and may help you get your e-mails in SYNC with the mind of Christ. That is a plus whether anybody uses the link or not.

Colored objects can be a trigger. Charcoal gray (dark clouds) is the color for Courage Season. You can wear something gray every day. Hang a gray cord from a doorway, steering wheel, or lamp. Put a gray stone in your pocket, etc.

T-shirt. Choose "Got Courage?" "Courage Season," the Courage Declaration, "Courage Agent," "SYNCed with Courage," or some other quote and get a dark gray T-shirt printed to remind you and to get the word out. Got the courage to make a statement by wearing any of those?

If you are creative, design your own SYNC exercises to meet your own criteria -- meaningful, doable, personal, artsy, quick, easy, cheap, memorable, sharable, teachable, etc. Here are a few starters, but don't be limited to these.

Risks and reactions

Courage Season may be the time when we are most dependent on God. We absolutely must keep checking with the Spirit of God to discern two things:


1) What risk does God want us to take and what does he want us to avoid?


2) How does he want us to react in each case? Do we speak up or keep quiet, stand up to it or lie low?


There are biblical examples of all sorts of answers to these questions in different situations. What we cannot do is always opt for the path of least resistance. Neither can we figure everything out in advance. We take the faithful path not the easy path, and we trust the Spirit as we go along. (Mt. 10.19)

With Jesus as our model, we realize the first truth about dealing with threats and attacks--don't over-react. God does not require us to justify ourselves or even to defend ourselves, eager as we may be to do that. Our assignment is to endure faithfully, and this may mean we are silent. 


Sometimes the threat may give us a platform for saying a great deal about Christ, as Paul did in his court cases (see Acts 26). Even in those situations, we do not have to win an argument. We have to avoid caving in to the pressure. 

That is what the Courage Declaration and the Courage Prayer are designed for. They do not "solve" any situation, but they give us exactly what we need to endure every situation--a vision of Jesus and the cross.

Note: Religious freedom is legally instituted in most countries, but serious hostility to Christianity may still make life very difficult in the workplace, the family, and the neighborhood. People who brag about being non-judgmental may be very judgmental, sarcastic, and condescending toward anyone who suggests that there is only one truth, and that Jesus is the only person through whom we can know it. 

Self-designed methods

If I take risks for Christ, will I alienate some people I am trying to persuade?

Good question, but you probably will not if you take the risks graciously and if you take them when Christ tells you to, not too soon or too late.  

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