Greetings and panic 

If you want Christ's return to loom larger in your life, one of the easiest SYNC exercises is to build the Glory Declaration and/or the Glory Prayer into certain points in your day. Then you are ready whenever the ugly present tries to cloud your vision of Christ's future.


Plenty of things will tend to knock us out of SYNC with Christ each day. The Declaration and Prayer re-SYNC us with the vision of his return, and that keeps us going in the mission he has given us.

Greetings at home

How to use it


1. Say it to yourself and/or your spouse when you wake up

2. A parent may say it as a child is leaving for school or going out with friends. Try it as an improvement on the basic, "Have fun," "Be good," or "Have you got your lunch?"

3. At breakfast a parent may say the first half ("This is a day of the Coming King,") and let the child say the second half ("And we see his glory dawning.") 


Why to use it


Glory Declaration and/or the Glory Prayer yank our wandering minds back to Christ and his glory. Our hopes rise, our problems look temporary, and victory is certain. 

If a couple or family shares the same vision of King Jesus returning to rule, it ties them together at a very deep level. It also cuts down desires for things that will not matter when Christ returns, and that is great for family life because family quarrels are mostly about those things.

The Glory Declaration unifies any team or group that says it together. It is like the shout that a sports team gives when they put their hands all together before they go out to start the game. You may also want to use the Glory Prayer with the Declaration. 

Part of the feeling of unity comes from knowing what to say. When the coach or team leader says the first half of the Declaration, an outsider would not know how to finish it, but the insiders all do. They belt it out.

​Group members may also use it as a greeting any time they see each other outside the group. It reminds them of the whole group, and that is an empowering thought.

Caution: Know your group. Don't use this method if the group considers this kind of leader-response to be childish or odd. 

Greet/chant as a team
Panic button

The best panic button in the world is the second last verse in the Bible, "Come, Lord Jesus." When you feel like hitting a panic button, hit that one.

It has a wonderful built-in double meaning: 

1. "Come back in person to end the world as we know it and launch the world you rule," or,

2. "Come into my situation right now and get me out of it or through it somehow."

Either way, you SYNC with Christ and you win.

You can also use the Glory Declaration to help others, especially people whose vision is 90% doom and gloom. Hold up Christ and his dazzling return as something to smile about. 

And if they say glumly, "Sure, it will all be fine in the end but everything sucks right now," tell them where "we see his glory dawning" already. Be ready with some examples.


Testify! Don't let anyone talk like the world is going to hell in a hand basket when it is actually going to heaven on the wings of the Dove!

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