Looking ahead to your week

No matter what your week ahead looks like, you have the choice to live it in SYNC with Christ or out of SYNC. The default is to keep slipping out of SYNC, which makes for a rough week. Any of the following questions will help you stay in SYNC.    ​

  • How does my next week look if I think about it with Christ's return in mind? 
           (This might be the most burden-lifting question anywhere on this web site. Praise God as your vision lightens your load.) 

  • What opportunities may I have to reflect Christ's glory and hope to people who are in a dark place this week? Where and how can I give them at least a glimpse or a taste of what Christ will do for the world when he returns?
           (Be alert for these chances. In Christ, you are a walking cause for hope.)

  • Bottom line:  What SYNC exercises and/or other things will I build into my week to get Christ's return on my mind and keep it there? 

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