Looking back at your week

Seeing Yourself iN Christ (SYNCing) is a day at a time and week at a time process. End your week with one or more of these questions.   ​

  • What did I do to make sure a whole week did not go by without thinking of Christ's return even once? How well did my reminders work? 
          (Thank God for whatever worked)

  • Where did I see Christ's glory dawning in me or around me? Where did darkness lift? What did I see more clearly and marvel at?
          (May be an event, remark, thought, reading, etc. Thank God for it.)

  • Did anyone mention Christ's return to me? Did I mention it to anyone else? Did I express the hope it gives me every day?
          (Praise God that you get to be the "God-send" for others sometimes.) 

  • On a scale of 10, how lit up was my face today? Where was I reflecting Christ's glory?
          (Repent if the number is low, and turn your attention back to the dawn of his glory.)


  • Did I slip into making any comments that sounded hopeless about the world or about my own life?
          (If so, repent and refocus on Christ's return. Let it define your outlook and your words.)

  • Bottom line: Is there more vision and hope in the world today than there would be if I had not lived the past week the way I lived it? 
          (If the answer is yes, then heaven's transforming power is already coming to earth, just as Jesus said it is. Like high clouds at dawn, we are reflecting the sunlight down to earth to those who cannot see the sun above the horizon yet.)

Should I keep saying, "We see his glory dawning" even if I don't see it? Isn't that just a lame version of auto-suggestion?


Keep saying it, and keep realizing that it is going to happen on its own, not because you said it long enough to talk yourself into it. 

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