Self-designed methods

If you are creative, design your own SYNC exercises to meet your own criteria -- meaningful, doable, personal, artsy, quick, easy, cheap, memorable, sharable, teachable, etc. Here are a few starters, but don't be limited to these.

Being proactive 

The meme is a memory trigger. Put it somewhere you will see it often--on your device, next to your bed, on a wall or mirror, etc. If you enjoy graphic arts, redesign it to suit yourself. Or change your home screen to a dawn photo of your choice.

Set a reminder on your device once or more per day to say the Declaration and Prayer from memory. (Those are both in the meme.)

Entrances. Get into the habit of saying the Declaration and Prayer every day as you enter a situation, for example, as you walk toward the door of your workplace or school.

E-mail signature. Use the Declaration in your e-mail signature, possibly with a link to the SYNC Glory Season overview. It will trigger your memory and may help you get your e-mails in SYNC with the mind of Christ. That is a plus for you whether anybody else uses the link or not.

Colored objects can be a trigger. Purple and gold are the kingly colors for Glory Season. You can wear something purple or gold every day. Hang a purple and/or gold cord from a doorway, steering wheel, or lamp. Trim your Christmas tree in purple and gold, or use those colors to decorate for a New Years Eve party.

T-shirt. Get a purple or gold T-shirt printed with your choice: "Got Glory?" "Glory Agent," "Glory Season," the Glory Declaration, "The King is coming!" etc., whatever will remind you and get the word out.

Radiating light/warmth

Glory Season overlaps Christmas season, so it is a natural time for acts of kindness and joy. The more we get Jesus' return on our minds, the more natural it gets!

This is Christmas on steroids, not in the sense of overwhelming demands but in the depth of our thrill. It's great to celebrate the birth of a King, but how much greater to look forward to him exercising his kingly power and ending earth's misery!

The more we get caught up in that totally grand idea, the more light and warmth we put out. We can't help it as the thought of Christ's return reduces our desire to acquire things that won't matter when he arrives.

Instead, we work on what will matter--whatever we can radiate that will give people a foretaste of the future world with Christ as King.

Who do you know who is in a dark place right now? Find a way to radiate some light to that person. You will if you keep the Glory Declaration and the Glory Prayer in front of you all through the season.

The Glory Declaration in the meme is meant to be memorized.

"This is a day of the Coming King, and we see his glory dawning."      



The Glory Prayer in the meme is also meant to be memorized.

"Light up our faces with the glory to come. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine."





The Glory Weapon is also meant to be memorized.

"He who is the faithful witness to all these things says, ‘Yes, I am coming soon!’ Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!" (Rev. 22.20, NLT)

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