Social media groups

SYNC groups can be started and led by anybody. There is no template. You decide which app to use, what size of group, and what guidelines you will set. 


In broad strokes, the goal is to create a safe and natural space for friends to talk to each other in real time about their own experiences with SYNC. Do lift up Christ. Don’t brag or preach. If members' lives are getting more secure and significant because of SYNC, they will want to talk about it.


Tips on starting a group

1. Invite carefully 
Pray about who to invite. Find at least one other person who will actually post to the group. You don't want to be doing all the talking. If that is your plan, do a blog instead of a group. Remember you are getting in SYNC with Jesus, and he was a very good listener.

2. Keep it simple
Explain that the aim is to get more in SYNC with Christ. The goal that unites the group in the current season is, "becoming a forgiven, forgiving person." In other words, living forgiven, getting so carried away with Christ's forgiveness that you can't help forgiving people who have wronged you. You do not have to be more specific than that, since each person will choose the SYNC exercise options that will carry him/her furthest toward the goal. 

3. Easy on-ramp 
Invite people to try SYNC for one season, and assure them that they may join at any time during the season. No catch-up required. Tell them that Glory Season is November 23-December 31 this year (it varies with the date of Thanksgiving).


4. Easy off-ramp
The end of the season will be a natural off-ramp if they want one, or they can go on to the next season if they like the SYNC process.

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