Weekly Bible readings

Weekly Bible readings are designed for one reading session per week. You read either one chapter (large font in list below) or all three chapters listed by each date. These are some of the most important chapters you would read if you were using the daily readings for the same week. 

The 3D method of Bible reading:  

  •    Drumbeat -- What is the drumbeat of these verses, the pattern, the feel? What turns our attention to God's dawning glory?

  •    Dance -- As I dance to that beat of dawn, what about me can and must change? Where is the darkness lifting? How do I feel about the light?

  •    Delivery -- As my face lights up with the dawn, who can I deliver light and warmth to today?

Remember that the point is not how much you read. It is how much you SYNC with Christ because of whatever you read. In SYNC with him, you become an exhibit of the glorious future because he IS the future and he is already in you by his Spirit. Don't sit the future out. Dance!

Choose to read one chapter per week (large font) or all three listed.

Nov. 23-25,    Ezek. 1   (+ 1 Thes. 1, 2)

Nov. 26-Dec. 2,    1 Thes. 5     (+ 2 Thes. 1, Ps. 110)

Dec. 3-9,        Rev. 5      (+ Rev. 1, Ezek. 33)

Dec. 10-16,     Rev. 7      (+ Ezek. 37, Ps. 130)

Dec. 17-23,     Dan. 7    (+ Rev. 12, 14)

Dec. 24-31,     Rev. 22   (+ Rev. 20, 21)

(Jan. 1 begin Life Season)

Ready to read more chapters?


Should I try to catch up if I miss some of the readings?


No. Too easy to get discouraged if you try that. Concentrate on SYNCing with Christ in whatever the reading is for today.


Why are these books chosen as the readings for Glory Season?


Glory is a prominent theme in each book. Most of them are books of prophecy, God-given critiques of the present and visions of the future.

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