Bless your friends

Blessing other people is a key part of SYNC. Christ is a blessing. In SYNC with him, we will be blessings too. 

As representatives of Jesus, we get to pray blessings on people and pronounce blessings over them "in Jesus' name," that is, in SYNC with him and all he stands for. Very fulfilling, even habit-forming, and totally in SYNC with the God's ancient plan to restore blessing to the world.

SYNC's annual cycle gives us seven kinds of blessings that spell out some of the meaning in "God bless you." We might pray a particular one of them for a person in special need of that blessing, or we might go through the whole list of seven for someone we want to bless from head to toe. Here they are:

The biblical basis for each blessing

When you pray a SYNC blessing for someone, you are asking God to SYNC that person with his intention when he did one of his seven world-defining events. For example, when God SYNCs a person with his act of creation, that person receives the health and strength God intended for humans to have when he created us in the first place.









The seven world-defining events or "God-things" we SYNC with

Creation, the source of every breath we take

The spiritual lineage of Abraham, the source of our identity and purpose 

Jesus' death on “Freedom Day” and his resurrection, the source of our freedom

Jesus taking his throne in heaven and sending his Spirit to empower us

God forgiving us and sending us to forgive others

Jesus rising above the disgrace of the cross, and sending us to do the same

King Jesus returning in glory, which we foreshadow and point to


Gen. 1

Gen. 12

Mt. 27-28

Acts 1-2

Heb. 10

Heb. 12

Rev. 11

How each season works

Click any icon below for details of how each particular blessing brings security and significance. Basically the seasonal declaration confronts and exposes some common cultural beliefs that make us insecure and insignificant. 


Caution: Don't get lost in the details. You are trying to bless someone, not pass an exam on blessing. 

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