End-of-day questions

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Seeing Yourself iN Christ (SYNC-ing) is a day at a time process. End your day with one or more of these questions.   ​

  • What did I do to make sure this whole day did not go by without thanking God even once for creating the world and us? How well did my reminders of creation and Life Season work?

               (Thank God for whatever worked)

  • ​Where did I experience the glories of creation today--beauty, food, music, family, etc.? What did I marvel at in real life, on-screen, or in print or art? 

               (Praise God for being so creative and making people creative.)​

  • Did I hear anyone admiring God's creation and the life he gives? Did I mention those things to anyone else today?       

    (God gets overlooked at lot. You can help fix that. Speak up and give credit where credit is due.) 


  • ​On a scale of 10, how alert was I for opportunities to enrich someone's life today? Which opportunities did I seize? Can I recall any I missed or think of one for tomorrow?     

    (Repent of missed chances, and turn your attention back to God's life so you overflow with it.)


  • Did I harm anyone or any part of God's creation today?

    (If so, you are out of SYNC. Repent and remember we are living in a created world. God had great plans for it and for us. Let's SYNC with those.)

  • Bottom line: How much of God's life did I add to the world by living today the way I did? 
            (The more we add, the more we show that heaven's transforming power is coming to earth, just as Jesus said it is. (Mk. 1.15) We really are what we prayed God would make us--a fountain of the water of life.)

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