Set reminders

SYNC has lots of things you can download on a device or print out, whatever you usually do for reminders. There are also suggestions for objects and colors you can use as physical reminders, plus reminders to memorize.


If you are creative, design your own SYNC reminders, adapting any of the suggestions below. That way the reminder is yours, and you are more likely to respond to it. 


Seasonal icon

Simple. No words. May arouse curiosity; unlikely to offend 


Contains both the Life Declaration and the Life Prayer (see in right column). Gives more info on who/what you are SYNCing with


Start/end your day

Choose a question from the list to start or end your day.

Weekly reminder

Choose a question from the list to reflect on last week and gear up for the next one.

Your virtual I.D.s 

Use the Declaration in your Facebook page header, your e-mail signature, etc., possibly with a link to the Life Season overview. Reminds you to SYNC even if nobody else takes note of it. 

Objects and colors


Let the doorway of your workplace or school remind you to say "SYNC me" every time you enter. And let your own home/garage door do the same thing. 

Colored objects 

Blue and green (water and plants) are the colors for Life Season. Wear them, hang a colored string, carry a blue or green object in purse or pocket, decorate the house in blue and green as if spring has already come. In SYNC with Christ, it has!


Get a blue or green T-shirt printed with your choice: "Got Life?" "Life Agent," "Life Season," or the Life Declaration--"This is a Creation Day, and we are alive."

Two magic words

"SYNC me." Summarizes the whole activity of SYNCing with Christ in two words. Can be your constant prayer.

The Life Declaration 

"This is a Creation day, and we are alive."      



The Life Prayer 

"Make us a fountain of the water of life. Let it flow, let it flow."




The Life Weapon 

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (Gen. 1.1)

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