Annual SYNC cycle


What we SYNC with

The seasonal declarations and prayers in the memes are like seven different rhythms or beats we learn to dance to. The beat changes on average every 6-8 weeks, depending when holidays like Easter fall in various years. 


The first six rhythms each SYNC us with one particular thing God has already done. The seventh one SYNCs us with something he is going to do. If we use all seven, we will be substantially SYNCed with Christ, even though no set of seven seasonal topics can take us to perfection in SYNCing.









The God-things we SYNC with

Creation, the source of every breath we take

The spiritual lineage of Abraham, the source of our identity and purpose 

Jesus' death on “Freedom Day” and his resurrection, the source of our freedom

Jesus taking his throne in heaven and sending his Spirit to empower us

God forgiving us and sending us to forgive others

Jesus rising above the disgrace of the cross, and sending us to do the same

King Jesus returning in glory, which we foreshadow and point to


Gen. 1

Gen. 12

Mt. 27-28

Acts 1-2

Heb. 10

Heb. 12

Rev. 19

Make us a fountain of the water of Life.

Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow.


Make us connectors to your goodness, Lord.

Let us bless, let us bless, let us bless.


Turn us into a drum declaring freedom is here.

Let it beat, let it beat, let it beat.


Make us a signal of the Spirit’s power.

Let it work, let it work, let it work.


Make us a channel of your mercy, Lord.

We’ll forgive, we’ll forgive, we’ll forgive.


Give us the courage to be crucified.

Make us bold, make us bold, make us bold.


Light up our faces with the glory to come.

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.




Before each prayer above say:

Come, Messiah, live in us.

Come, Messiah, reign in us.


How each season works

Click any icon below for details of how the season brings security and significance. Basically the seasonal declaration confronts and exposes some common cultural beliefs that make us insecure and insignificant. 


Caution: Don't get lost in the details. It is easier to live in SYNC one season at a time than to try to absorb all the explanations at once.

Start (2017)

Jan 1



Mar. 1


Apr. 9


May 25


Aug. 7


Oct. 1


Nov. 23


This is a creation day,

    and we are alive.


This is an Abraham day,

    and we are connected.


This is a resurrection day,

   and we are free.


This is a Pentecost day,

    and we have power.


This is a Day of Atonement,

    and we forgive.


This is a day of risk,

    and we have courage.


This is a day of the Coming King,

    and we see his glory dawning.




Before each declaration above say:

In SYNC with Jesus the Messiah, we declare that . . .

Courage and Glory memes in preparation

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