Daily/Weekly Bible readings


New Testament readings (middle column) are one chapter per day.

Old Testament readings (right columns) are usually 3-4 per day. 

Bold indicates one chapter per week to be sure not to miss.

The 3D method of Bible reading:  

  •    Drumbeat -- What is the drumbeat of these verses, the pattern, the feel? How is this Scripture giving me the rhythm of God's life?

  •    Dance -- As I dance and come alive to that rhythm, what about me can and must change? What will I do today, and how will my day go?

  •    Delivery -- While dancing, where can I DELIVER life to others? Where will God's life spill over from me to them?

Remember that the point is not how much you read. It is how much you SYNC with Christ because of whatever you read. In SYNC with him, you become a "fountain of the water of life." So dance through your day like water dancing its way down a brook. 

Daily Bible reading list
for Life Season

*Intro = an intro to the book (see Bible dictionary)

Bold font = “do-not-miss” chapter of the week

                 (Jan 1       Begin Life Season)

                             New T.         Old T.     

Jan  1      Mon    John Intro       Gen 1-2

Jan  2      Tue     John 1.1-28       Gen 3-5

Jan  3      Wed   John 1.29-50     Gen 6-8

Jan  4      Thu    John 2               Gen 9-11

Jan  5      Fri       John 3.1-20     Gen 12-14

Jan  6      Sat      John 3.21-36    Gen 15-17

Jan  7      Sun     John 4.1-26      Gen 18-20

Jan  8      Mon   John 4.27-54    Gen 21-23

Jan  9      Tue     John 5.1-30      Gen 24-26

Jan  10    Wed    John 5.31-47    Gen 27-29

Jan  11     Thu     John 6.1-24      Gen 30-32

Jan  12    Fri       John 6.25-70   Gen 33-36

Jan  13    Sat       John 7.1-24       Job 1-2


Jan  14    Sun      John 7.25-53     Job 3-5

Jan  15    Mon    John 8.1-30       Job 6-8

Jan 16     Tue     John 8.31-59      Job 9-10

Jan  17    Wed    John 9.1-41        Job 11-14

Jan  18    Thu     John 10.1-21     Job 15-17

Jan  19    Fri       John 10.22-42    Job 18-21

Jan  20    Sat      John 11.1-27      Job 22-25


Jan  21    Sun     John 11.28-57    Job 26-27

Jan  22    Mon   John 12.1-19       Job 28-29

Jan  23    Tue     John 12.20-50  Job 30-31

Jan  24    Wed   John 13.1-17       Job 32-34

Jan  25    Thu    John 13.18-38    Job 35-37

Jan  26    Fri      John 14.1-14      Job 38-39

Jan  27    Sat     John 14.15-30    Job 40-42


Jan  28    Sun    John 15.1-16.4  Eccl 1-4    

Jan  29    Mon   John 16.5-16     Eccl 5-8    

Jan  30    Tue     John 16.17-33   Eccl 9-12    

Jan  31    Wed    John 17             SS 1-4      

Feb    1    Thu     John 18.1-24     SS 5-8      

Feb    2    Fri      John 18.25-40   Prov 1-2

Feb    3    Sat      John 19.1-22     Prov 3-5


Feb    4    Sun     John 19.23-42   Prov 6-8

Feb    5    Mon   John 20.1-18     Prov 9-11

Feb    6    Tue     John 20.19-31  Prov 12-14

Feb    7    Wed    John 21            Prov 15-17

Feb    8    Thu     James  Intro   Prov 18-20

Feb    9    Fri       James 1           Prov 21-23

Feb   10    Sat      James 2          Prov 24-25


Feb   11    Sun     James 3           Prov 26-27

Feb   12    Mon   James 4           Prov 28-29

Feb   13    Tue     James 5          Prov 30-31

Print friendly list
(two-sided bookmark)

Daily Bible readings in the New Testament column cover the whole New Testament in one year, and the Old Testament readings cover the whole Old Testament. However, you do not read through the Bible directly from start to finish. 


In each SYNC season, the biblical books you read are those that emphasize the seasonal theme most clearly. For example, during Life Season, you read books like Genesis and John that focus on creation and life. 

Spreadsheet version; create your own checklist or notes page

What does "intro" mean in the reading list?


Preview the book you are about to read and/or find an intro to it in a Bible dictionary or on-line.

Should I try to catch up if I miss some of the readings?


No. Too easy to get discouraged if you try that. Concentrate on SYNCing with Christ in whatever the reading is for today.


Why are these books chosen as the readings for Life Season?


Creation and life are prominent themes in each book. Genesis and John tell us how life began. Books like James and Proverbs tell us how to live it in SYNC with the Creator. Job and Ecclesiastes remind us it is not a bed of roses, but life is still a gift. 

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